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Mirrorcle Technologies MEMS devices address a wide range of applications that require optical beam steering. As optical scanning or beam steering appears in various industries and numerous applications, our scanning mirrors are most beneficial in those applications that require miniature, high speed, low-power, or low-cost solutions.

Some of the applications of MirrorcleTech devices that are currently under development are listed here.

Projection Displays

  • Low-cost and readily deployable video displays on glass and other transparent surfaces (e.g. car windshield HUD.)
  • Miniature, hand-held, and battery-run full-color video projection displays at SVGA resolution.
  • Single- or multi-color vector-graphic projection displays

3D Scanning and Ladar Imaging

  • Laser vision for robots (read related article).
  • Low-cost and compact LIDAR imaging for robotic applications. See our MEMS mirrors in LIDAR application here.
  • A MEMS LIDAR System using Mirrorcle MEMS.
  • 3D Scanning of objects.
  • Mirrorcle MEMS provide enabling technology for Automated 3D Scannign Solutions for automotive industry. Helix Video.
  • Devices provide precisely positioned laser spot or laser line for camera imaging.
  • Non-contact 3D scanning of solid objects to obtain their precise measurements and computer models.
  • Various standard techniques can be used with the advantage of portability and low cost with our MEMS devices.

3D Tracking and Position Measurement

Laser Marking and Engraving

  • Low cost, low power, and miniature alternative to galvanometer scanners in laser marking and engraving applications with low to moderate laser power.
  • See a simple demonstration of writing grayscale images in LightScribe CDs using a 405nm laser diode and Mirrorcle MEMS mirror here.


  • Variable Optical Attenuators
  • Fiber-to-fiber optical switching

Free-space Communications

  • Free-space optical links with our MEMS devices maintaining alignment between transmitter and receiver pairs.
  • Precise real-time closed-loop positioning of optical beams for communications link optimization.

Biomedical Imaging