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808nm High Power Laser Diode (LD) IV Curve

Super High efficiency 808nm Laser Epiwafer available

808nm Laser Epiwafer The super high efficiency 808nm laser epiwafer adopts AlGaAs multiple quantum-Well as the active layer.  The Maximum output power for fabricated laser can be 1W.  Good uniformity of wavelength around 2’’ or 3” wafer can be achieved. Please […]

SyMPL 3D Lidar

SyMPL 3D LiDAR, simple as it sounds

3D Lidar for agriculture, robots, archaeology lidar, autonomous vehicles lidar, Lidar for Biology and conservation, Lidar for Geology and soil science, Lidar for Law Enforcement, Lidar for Military,  Lidar for Mining, Lidar for Physics and astronomy, Lidar for Rock mechanics, Lidar […]