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SyMPL 3D Lidar

SyMPL 3D LiDAR, simple as it sounds

3D Lidar for agriculture, robots, archaeology lidar, autonomous vehicles lidar, Lidar for Biology and conservation, Lidar for Geology and soil science, Lidar for Law Enforcement, Lidar for Military,  Lidar for Mining, Lidar for Physics and astronomy, Lidar for Rock mechanics, Lidar […]

Streaming 3D point cloud captured by SyMPL LiDAR

What’s new for Mirrorcle at Photonic West 2020

In case you have missed out Mirrorcle at Photonic West 2020 in Feburary, here are some of the new updates and links to find out more. SyMPL 3D LIDAR System (DEMO-07 Demonstrator Kit) Based on Mirrorcle’s patented dual axis solid-state MEMS […]