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5.50mm ɸ 2.84pitch

12V T5 LED with current limiting control
12V T5 LED with current limiting control

12V LED is designed for 12V application with preset current at 20mA and current
limiting control. The operation current can be controlled within +/‐10% in the range of
7V to 16V applied to LED. This is a very useful application when the power supply is
from the typical 12V sources. The current limit control will give the LEDs in a stable
and without spiking operation and yet long life time is achievable.


  • All colors available: White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green
  • High Luminous Output
  • Water Clear Package
  • LED 4.5mm Flat Package
  • T5 Package: 5.50mm diameter for 2.84 pitch
  • Wide Viewing Angle 110 Degree



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