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Mirrorcle MEMS Part Number Guide

How to generate Mirrorcle MEMS ordering number?

Mirrorcle’s MEMS mirror product requires prior research and going over various documents to come up with a precise part number. It’s not an easy task, which need some experience and pin point accuracy . Each MEMS mirror is made-to-order and assembled upon acceptance of order. Once its confirmed, it cannot be undone. Please take some […]

Lidar MEMS Mirrors

7.5mm LiDAR MEMS Mirror LiDAR Development Kit for 2D LiDAR/3D LiDAR

7.5mm LiDAR MEMS Mirror Development Kit for Long distance 2D LiDAR/3D LiDAR Two Gimbal-less Dual-Axis Super Size MEMS Mirrors optimized for LIDAR & Imaging Applications 2D LiDAR / 3D LiDAR Development  kit is a perfect set for developers of monostatic-type (coaxial) solid-state LiDARs.  Mirrors with capability of extremely repeatable 2D scans with hundreds of lines/s […]