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3’’ InP Substrate

3’’ InP Substrate:

Specification is as below

 Item  Specification  Unit
 Growth Method/Grade  VGF/Prime (Epi-ready)
 Dopant  S
 Conductivity Type  N Type
 Carrier Concentration  2~8E18cm-3  cm-3
 Mobility  —  cm2/V·sec
 Resistivity  —  Ω·cm
 EPD  1. Average of the 69 pts must be >5002. The points of EPD < 500 must be ≧60 pts  cm-2
 Thickness  625±25  μm
 Diameter  76.2±0.  mm
 Orientation  (100) 0.075∘off towards (110)±0.025∘ (Prefer 0.05∘~0.075∘), Alpha angle: 225∘
 Device surface side  EJ
 Orientation Flat  (0-1-1)±0.05∘ Length: 22±2  mm
 Index Flat  (0-11)±0.5∘   Length: 11±1  mm
 Surface Finish  Front: Mirror PolishedBack: Lapped and Etched
 WARP  ≦10  μm
 BOW  ≦10  μm
 TTV  ≦10  μm
 TIR  N/A  μm
 Laser marking  Front side opposite major flat
 Box  –
 Packaging  Single pack with N2 gas