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About SensLite

Senslite Corporation Main Office Location in Jhubei

About Us:

We are a global provider for LED (Components/packaged/Epiwafer/Lighting),  MEMS Mirror, Data Communication epiwafer/components and Photovoltaic industry delivering innovative products, speedy services and cost effective solutions.

Our Values:

Optimize a buyer’s sustainable competitive advantage by supplying high quality products with reasonable costs.  Expertise to save our client time and money spend on researching and outsourcing.  Speedy delivery with real-time support to stay competitive.

Product and services:


  • Visible and invisible LED Chip Design/ OEM services
  • Patterned-Sapphire Substrate Process (PSS process)
  • LED Package OEM Services
  • MCPCB Design for SSL
  • Remote Phosphor on Glass OEM
  • LED on Glass Display and process
  • SSL Solutions (Mechanical and structure, heat sinks, optical lenses, power modules)


  • Mirrorcle MEMS Mirrors
  • Mirrorcle MEMS Controllers
  • Mirrorcle MEMS Laser Scanning Modules
  • MEMS LiDar
  • Mirrorcle MEMS subsystem
  • Mirrorcle MEMS Mirror Development Kits
  • “SensLite represents Mirrorcle products in Taiwan local market only, please visit for other global sales.”


  • Solar Cell OEM sales
  • PV Panel OEM design and sales

Optical Communication

  • OEM service for VCSEL, TOCAN, TOSA/ROSA
  • OEM Processed InP Base Epiwafer
  • OEM GaAs Base Epiwafer
  • OEM InP Base Epiwafer

Advance Materials

  • Ga2O3 Substrate for High voltage Power Device
  • Ga2O3 Substrate for High current LED application

Our Background:

Our founder,  Steve Shyu, who plays an important role since the beginning of the  LED industry in Taiwan over 40+ years.    He  has experiences and expertise in LED, semiconductor, MEMS, optical fiber devices, pressure sensors, infrared thermal detectors, VCSEL and various process experience.

SensLite Corporation

Registration Number: 27870085

Address: 7F-10, No. 8 Zihciang S.RD,Jhubei City, Hsinchu County, 30264, Taiwan

TEL: +886-3-6589568, +886-3-5627687

FAX: +886-3-5627682

Email: sales(at)