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Dynamic High Speed Laser Light Communication 1-to-N points Communication method

High-speed data transmission with a commercial high power GaN Laser diode is easy to achieve thru a fixed (pre-aligned) point-to-point free-space system. It may be a secure and easiest way to increase bandwidth (10 to 100 times more than a radio frequency system), which enables the transfer of more data in less time. It’s ideal for laboratory, data center, or even household usage. However, a fixed point-to-point may not be suitable for moving vehicles (Car-to-Car communication) or simply when introducing new equipment. So, 1-to-N (one to many) systems may require to dynamically identify the new receive and successfully transmit the data in real-time.

 Mirrorcle’s simply 2-D MEMS tracking system enables the possibility of 1-to-N free-space Laser communication with dynamic active alignment. Please see the video for one direction setup with a single 2-D MEMS and single-pixel Photo-diode: 

Dual-direction setup than can achieve dynamic tracking and transmitting ability.

1-to-N Dynamic Laser Communication System Setup