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Mirrorcle Metaverse 元宇宙 Playzer 開發套件包提供台灣產業新契機

Mirrorcle Technologies 自行開發Playzer 微型雷射掃描投影產品開發套件包 (SDK),建構於專利的無軸承點對點單雙軸微機電振鏡, 可提供給意欲發展元宇宙頭戴手持式裝備、自駕車、協作機器人、醫療、無人飛機、軍事應用、環境生態監測等光達產業台灣的廠商,切入各產業即時的捷徑。

Some of Playzer’s function as indicators, signage, texting, graphics
Playzer “inside”

Playzer Development kit – 04 (Code name: PZDK-04 OEM)

Monochrome Playzer Development Kit comes with MEMS scanning module with windows applications and software development kits (SDK) in C++, Matlab, and Lab View.

Features and Specification:

  • Vector Graphic Laser Project > 40HZ frame rate
  • Red, Green, Blue or UV laser (~10mW max power)
  • 8-bit Modulation of Laser Power (single channel)
  • FOV 30×30 degree Field of View
  • <0.01 degree Beam position repeatability
  • USB interfaced and powered

Application for Metaverse with Plazyer Technology:

  • Image Forming
  • Image Delivery and Eye Tracking
  • Gaze Sensing
  • Location and attitude tracking
  • Hand and Gesture Recognition
  • Environment 3D Scanning, Videometrics
Plazyer “Smiles”