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Fast 2D LiDAR MEMS Mirror Development Kit for Mid- distance 2D LiDAR/3D LiDAR

Two Gimbal-less Dual-Axis Small Size MEMS Mirrors optimized for LIDAR & Imaging Applications

2D LiDAR / 3D LiDAR Development  kit is a perfect set for developers of monostatic-type (coaxial) solid-state LiDARs.  Mirrors with capability of extremely repeatable 2D scans with hundreds of lines/s can be easily programmed in a variety of raster patterns or point-to-point patterns.  MEMS mirrors size from 1.0 mm up to 7.5mm is available as an option with the LiDAR development kit.  MEMS selection as below:

Actuator NameMechanical Angle [°]Die Size [mm]Mirror Diameter [mm]PDF
A3I8.2-800AL±64.25 x 4.250.8
A7M8.1-800AL±4.755.20 x 5.200.8
A7M10.2-1000AL±4.755.20 x 5.201.0
A3I12.2-1200AL±54.25 x 4.251.2
F1M16.2-1600AL±4.55.20 x 5.201.6
A7M20.2-2000AL±55.20 x 5.202.0
A5M24.3-2400AL±57.25 x 7.252.4
Actuator NameMechanical Angle [°]Die Size [mm]Mirror Diameter [mm]
A7B1.1±75.20 x 5.20NRNRNRNRNR
A7B2.1±5.55.20 x 5.20NRNRNRNRNRNR
A8L2.2±57.25 x 7.25NRNRNRNR
A5L3.3(C2)±4.257.25 x 7.25NRNR
A5L3.3(C1)±2.57.25 x 7.25NR
A5L2.2±1.157.25 x 7.25

When combined with user’s own ToF or FMCW receiver, they offer a very short route to a complete LiDAR reference design / prototype system.  Similarly developers of biomedical imaging (OCT and other modalities) systems will find these a perfect fit.
In the LiDAR / Imaging Development Kit, there are three individual mirrors included with gold coating. Each mirror device is packaged in a connectorized package TINY20.4/TINY48.4 for easy handling, bread-boarding and connection to the USB MEMS Controller.

Products List Guide (PDF download)

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