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7.5mm LiDAR MEMS Mirror LiDAR Development Kit for 2D LiDAR/3D LiDAR

7.5mm LiDAR MEMS Mirror Development Kit for Long distance 2D LiDAR/3D LiDAR

Two Gimbal-less Dual-Axis Super Size MEMS Mirrors optimized for LIDAR & Imaging Applications

2D LiDAR / 3D LiDAR Development  kit is a perfect set for developers of monostatic-type (coaxial) solid-state LiDARs.  Mirrors with capability of extremely repeatable 2D scans with hundreds of lines/s can be easily programmed in a variety of raster patterns or point-to-point patterns.  MEMS mirrors size from 4.6mm up to 7.5mm is available as an option with the LiDAR development kit.  When combined with user’s own ToF or FMCW receiver, they offer a very short route to a complete LiDAR reference design / prototype system.  Similarly developers of biomedical imaging (OCT and other modalities) systems will find these a perfect fit.
In the LiDAR / Imaging Development Kit, there are three individual mirrors included with gold coating. Each mirror device is packaged in a connectorized package TINY48.4 for easy handling, breadboarding and connection to the USB MEMS Controller.

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