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Streaming 3D point cloud captured by SyMPL LiDAR

What’s new for Mirrorcle at Photonic West 2020

In case you have missed out Mirrorcle at Photonic West 2020 in Feburary, here are some of the new updates and links to find out more.

SyMPL 3D LIDAR System (DEMO-07 Demonstrator Kit)

Based on Mirrorcle’s patented dual axis solid-state MEMS mirrors, compact and lightweight, this plug-and-play solution offers programmable scanning of time-of-flight (ToF) distance measuring beams which yield 3D point-cloud perception sensing data. It may be deployed in a variety of applications in robotics, UAVs and other industrial use cases.

Download PDF: DEMO-07: SyMPL 3D LiDAR Demostrator Kit
  • Gimbal-less Dual Axis MEMS Mirror
  • Electrostatic Drive
  • Low Cost 905nm-based ToF solid-state solution
  • More than 10,000 discrete angles in X and Y axes
  • ~30m distance with 1cm resolution
  • Full control over aspect ratio, scan speed, rotations and distance
  • 3D point cloud perception sensing data
  • Mirrorcle Software Suite (SDK) for full programmability and customization
  • High reliability with temperature and longevity
  • Power consumption approx. 1.25 W

Mirrorcle Playzer / RGB Playzer

Mirrorcle’s Vector Graphics Laser Projection (VGLP) systems – specifically the RGB Playzer featuring red, green and blue light sources utilizes the company’s fast point-to-point beam steering capabilities in combination with visible lasers to display vector graphics content tailored to convey information and/or to entertain viewers. Mirrorcle’s solutions generally employ the complete system-level stack up of optical and electronics hardware, firmware, and software. In this case, the proprietary and flexible solution begins at the application software layer where customers can input content in a variety of ways, from images, files, laser-show (ILDA) files, touchscreens etc. Content is processed in the API layers and provided to MEMS and Laser Controller hardware which has been developed for over a decade at Mirrorcle for automotive, biomedical and other customers. Finally, the latest and fastest gimbal-less point-to-point MEMS mirrors do the magic of tracing out the content in bright laser beams so fast and so repeatably that the viewer perceives only the high contrast flicker-less images. The Playzer is known to achieve about 100X higher levels of brightness and contrast compared to other display technologies such as standard video pico-projectors, making it suitable for outdoor use, e.g. in automotive display applications.

The first version of the RGB Playzer was demonstrated at CES 2019 and was received with a lot of interest from automotive and other booth visitors. However, that early version relied on fiber-coupled laser sources which were considerably lower in power and could not be packaged very compactly. The new Playzer announced at CES 2020 is based on free-space coupled sources which are typically found in pico-projectors, and has much greater optical power capability, beam quality, and compactness.
“We offer the Playzer systems as part of a development kit for evaluation by any group which might be interested in launching products based on this OEM subsystem,” said Dr. Milanovic, Mirrorcle Technologie’s CEO. “These kits provide a ready-to-use, simple and playful environment for testing of displaying laser applications. Modules include either single-wavelength laser sources or an RGB laser unit enabling full-color projection.” The target markets for the Playzers include industrial and advertising laser projection, head-up displays (HUD), automotive digital signage and entertainment.

PLAYZER development Kit: PZDK-02(R/G/B/V) OEM (PDF)