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PLAYZER Development Kit: PZDK-02(R/G/B/V)

PZDK-02 or Playzer Development Kit is a demonstration and development bundle using Mirrorcle’s Vector Graphics Laser Projection (VGLP) technology consisting of a Playzer module, Windows Software applications, and Software Development Kitsin C++, Matlab, and LabView.  Playzer PZ-02 has a faster MEMS mirror, giving 3X speed of the PZ-01.  The Kit allows a plug-and-play, simple and playful environment for testing of displaying and other programmable laser applications.  The Playzer module includes a single-wavelength laser source with a choice of following colors/wavelengths: (R) for 638nm red, (G) for 520nm green, (B) for 450nm blue, (V) for 405nm violet.

The OEM version comes without enclosures with simple optical breadboarding mount for the Scan Module, and the non-OEM version comes in a simple plastic box with an AR-coated window.

Targeted Applications: Industrial Laser Projection, HUD, Automotive Digital Signage, Entertainment.

Features and Specifications:

  • VGLP, display vector content at >=50Hz rate
  • R/G/B/V laser, 3-6mW, 1-bit Digital Modulation
  • Approx. 40°x 40°Field of View <0.01°Beam position repeatability
  • MEMS Mirror: A7M8.1-800AL
  • USB Interfaced and Powered<800mW Power Consumption
  • 80mm x 55mm x 30mm Case, weight <70g
  • Advanced/OEM users: Host Connector with 2 Analog Inputs and 4 Digital Synchronization Outputs
  • Advanced/OEM users: Digital Output connector with 8 Digital Outputs


PZ-02 MEMS Scan module
PZ-02 MEMS Scan module
PZDK-02 Playzer Development kit
PZDK-02 Playzer Development kit
PLAYZER showing "Happy" on stairway, PLAYZER is a VGLP basd projector.
PLAYZER showing “Happy” on stairway, PLAYZER is a VGLP basd projector.