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Mirrorcle at SID Display 2019, the Birth of VGLP Projector

For the first time in company history, the Mirrorcle Technologies team exhibited at the Innovation Zone (or ‘I-Zone’) at the Society for Information Display (‘SID’) DisplayWeek 2019 exhibition in San Jose in early May, showcasing its new RGB Playzer productsthat are capable of full color projection by combining red, green and blue light sources.Visitors were able to interact with multiple MEMS-mirror based tabletop demos enhanced by additional laser projectors that “drew”colorful vector graphics content onto the carpeted walkways of the I-Zone. Atvirtually all times, a crowd of interested Silicon Valley movers and shakers surrounded the Mirrorcle team, many expressing interest in evaluating MEMS devices and related hardware solutions and requesting additional information as follow-up to the show. Showcased was also the RGB Playzer featured new product,a Vector Graphics Laser Projection (VGLP) system that offers remarkably high visibility and contrast. The system is compact and has very low power consumption, benefitting from the highest efficiency of both the (vector graphics) methodology as well as the MEMS mirror-based hardware at its core. ThePlayzer was developed and introduced to address a variety of programmable high-contrast lighting needs in various industryapplications and beyond.

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VGLP Projector using Mirrorcle's MEMS technologies
VGLP Projector using Mirrorcle’s MEMS technologies