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The 2D MEMS Scanner Evaluation Kit PZEK-02(R/G/B)

The 2D MEMS Scanner Evaluation Kit (PZEK-02)

EVK-01 or the Playzer Evaluation Kit is a MEMS mirror technology demonstrator consisting of a MEMS mirror scan module with an eye safe 635nm laser (3-6mW) with 1-bit digital modulation (EaZy 1.x Scan Module), and the OCCIE 1.1 MEMS Controller for host communication and MEMS driving.

The OCCIE 1.1 controller interfaces with Windows Applications for Scan Control and software command that results in red laser beam scans and repeatable patterns.

Features and Specifications:

  • MEMS Mirror Scan Module with Red Laser
  • 635nm laser, 3-6mW, 1-bit Digital Modulation
  • 40° x 40° Field of View
  • 0.01° resolution
  • MEMS Mirror: A7M8-800AL-TO8-NW
  • USB Powered MEMS Controller: OCCIE 1.1
  • <800mW Power Consumption
  • Host Connector with 2 Analog Inputs and 4 Digital Synchronization Outputs
  • Digital Output connector with 8 Digital Outputs

The 2D MEMS Scanner Evaluation Kit PZEK-01(R/G/B)

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