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650nm RCLED

Two or three inches epiwafers grown by MOVPE are available for 650nm Resonant cavity light emitting diode (RCLED) fabrication.  The active region comprises multiple quantum wells of InGaP/InAlGaP sandwiched by InAlGaP layers to form a resonant cavity between P- and N-DBR mirrors.  Since N-DBR has higher refection, the light is emitted from the P-DBR mirror.  650nm RCLED can be used as light source in plastic optical fiber (POF) communication application.


Epitaxial Capability

 Parameters  Values
 PL wavelength  ±5nm of specified value
 Etlon dip  ±10nm of specified value
 SB center  ±10nm of specified value
 Thickness uniformity  Better than ±2.5%
 Doping control  ~±30%
 P-AlGaAs doping (cm-3)  C doped; 5E17 to 1E201
 N-AlGaAs doping (cm-3)  Si doped; 1E17 to 5E18
 P+ GaAs doping (cm-3)  C doped; >1E19
 Defect density control (Diameter)  <100 cm-3 (D>10μm)

Device Performance

 Parameter  Symbol  Typical
 Forward Voltage@20mA  Vf  ~2.0V
 Output Power @20mA  PO  ~0.5mW
 Beam Divergence@20mA  2θ  ~100 degree
 Rise /Fall Time @20mA  Tr/Tf  5ns/5ns
 Aperture diameter  ɸ  80μm