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T5 LED Tube Fixture Length 136mm 24V

T5 LED Tube diameter 16mm
T5 LED Tube diameter 16mm

SLT5 LED Tube (tube diameter 16 mm) offers high color rendering and light output. The SLT5  LED is optimized for installations requiring high light output and offers excellent lumen maintenance and color rendering.


  •  Allows system miniaturization and maximum luminaire design freedom
  •  Lamp lengths enable easy fitting into ceiling module systems
  •  Optimized for installations which need high luminous flux
  •  Dedicated LED driver to keep  lumen level with excellent lumen maintenance
  •  High color rendering


  • Direct replacement for existing T5 fluorescent lamp
  • Designed for high light output and system miniaturization
  • Highly efficient
  • Clear lens or diffused lens

Optical Parameters:

  • Luminous Flux: >  182 lm *
  • Correlated color temperature (CCT): 3500 K, 4000 K, 5600 K
  • CRI: > 80
  • Module efficacy: >100 lm/W

*Luminous flux value is continuously improving.  For latest updates please contact sales@senslite.com.tw

Product Specification:

  • Length of Fixture: 136 mm
  • Diameter of Fixture:  16 mm
  • View Angle 120 degrees

Electrical Data:

  • Power Consumption: 1.792 W
  • Supply Voltage Vcc 22.4~24 V
  • Supply Current Icc 80 mA


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