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About Us

About Us:

We are a solution provider for Solid State Lighting LED, Data Communication and Photo voltaic industry delivering innovative products, speedy services and cost effective solutions.

Our Values:

  • Optimize a buyer’s sustainable competitive advantage by supplying high quality products with reasonable costs.
  • Knowledge and Expertise to save our client time and money spend on researching and outsourcing.
  • Speedy delivery with real-time support to stay competitive.

Our Services:

  • Design
  • Manufacture
  • Supply
  • Marketing

 Our Products:

LED chips, LED wafer, LED lamp package, LED SMD package, LED Light source, COB LED module, LED strip, Heat sink, LED Driver, Power module, Mono crystalline Solar Cell, Poly crystalline solar cell, Mono solar panel, Poly solar panel, PV solar system, data communication passive and active components

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