Playzer for AMR or AGV application

AMR to equip with pocket-size Laser Projector, PLAYZER

Update grade your AMR today with Pocket-sized wireless programmable laser for displaying, tracking, Lidar and imaging applications. It detects and shows animation or simple messages. Contact for more information. #playzer #laserprojector #laseronAMR #AMR #AGV #MEMS

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Li-Fi Laser 2D scanning module for Li-Fi Free Space Optical Communication

Li-Fi Laser Scan Module (Li-Fi 雷射2D掃描發射模組)

Li-Fi Laser Scan Module (Li-Fi 雷射掃描發射模組) Li-Fi 雷射2D掃描發射模組, 採用 Mirrorcele 2D MEMS 高速掃描技術 , 可應用短距離點對點高速安全的通協定, 設置於商用公共環境,例如會議室, 課堂, 招待中心等,專屬的節點配置可以達到超高速及安全的需求。 嘉威科技感測 感測元件及感測設備請聯繫 or 致電 03-6589568

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