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SPIE Photonics West Mirrorcle Technologies 2020 booth at 3081 QR scan

SPIE. Photonics West 2020 Mirrorcle showcase SyMPL 3D LiDAR System

Featured Product: Compact, MEMS mirror-based 3D LiDAR system – programmable scans yield 3D point-cloud data MEMS mirror-based 3D LiDAR system – “SyMPL” – a compact, lightweight solution for programmable scans that yield 3D point-cloud data for robotics and industrial settings. It […]

MirrorcleTech SyMPL Lidar Solution at CES2020

What to expect at CES 2020: SyMPL LiDAR (MP26066)

Come visit Mirrorcle Technologies’ newest MEMS Lidar, SyMPL Lidar at Microchip booth in CES 2020. Scan the QR code or click the link to locate us while you’re at the show! “Mirrorcle’s new lidar system is expected to cost as little […]

SensLite Thermopile SLTS

Silicon Based Thermopile Sensor SLTS-1T4814F

The SLTS is a single-channel small area thermopile that offers quick response with high responsivity. The active area size is 0.11mm2 in a small TO-46 package with 10ms time constant achieved and a thermistor inside the package provides ambient temperature reference. […]