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Mirrorcle Metaverse 元宇宙 Playzer 開發套件包提供台灣產業新契機

Mirrorcle Technologies 自行開發Playzer 微型雷射掃描投影產品開發套件包 (SDK),建構於專利的無軸承點對點單雙軸微機電振鏡, 可提供給意欲發展元宇宙頭戴手持式裝備、自駕車、協作機器人、醫療、無人飛機、軍事應用、環境生態監測等光達產業台灣的廠商,切入各產業即時的捷徑。 Playzer Development kit – 04 (Code name: PZDK-04 OEM) Monochrome Playzer Development Kit comes with MEMS scanning module with windows applications and software development kits (SDK) in C++, Matlab, and Lab View. Features and Specification: Vector Graphic Laser Project > 40HZ frame rate Red, Green, Blue or UV laser […]

2D MEMS mirrors for LiDAR application

Fast 2D LiDAR MEMS Mirror Development Kit for Mid- distance 2D LiDAR/3D LiDAR

Two Gimbal-less Dual-Axis Small Size MEMS Mirrors optimized for LIDAR & Imaging Applications 2D LiDAR / 3D LiDAR Development  kit is a perfect set for developers of monostatic-type (coaxial) solid-state LiDARs.  Mirrors with capability of extremely repeatable 2D scans with hundreds of lines/s can be easily programmed in a variety of raster patterns or point-to-point […]

Mirrorcle SyMPL 3D Lidar 光達

Mirrorcle SyMPL 3D LiDAR / 3D 自駕車光達開發套件包提供台灣產業新契機

Mirrorcle Technologies 自行開發SyMPL 3D LiDAR 光達產品開發套件包 (SDK),建構於專利的無軸承點對點單雙軸微機電振鏡, 可提供給意欲發展自駕車、機器人、醫療、無人飛機、軍事應用、環境生態監測等光達產業台灣的廠商,切入各產業即時的捷徑。 竭誠歡迎台灣廠商預約光達展示 (開放投資/共同開發/協作開發等各種模式),請洽。