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2D MEMS Laser Scanning Module

2D MEMS Laser Scanning Module

MEMS mirror scanning module with 34 ° Field of View (FoV) is designed for two axis collimated laser beam (or 2D optical) scanning applications.  An optical cell built-in with MEMS mirror with 2200 Hz Resonat Frequency and laser is special design for the applications that require miniature, high speed, long-term stability, lower power consumption and low cost solution. Plug-and-play compact design is suitable for all kinds of single mode laser beam-steering applications.


MirrorcleTech Gimbal-less MEMS designed  for high speed two-axis laser beam steering
  • Resonant Frequency X and Y at 2200 Hz
  • 34° Degree Optical Scanning angle (Field of View)
  • Large angles in point-to-point (quasi-static) or resonant  mode of operation
  • Robust compact design for long-term stability
  • Small form factor mass product ready
  • Standard Laser wavelength with 405nm, 450nm, 520nm, and 638nm.

(Others laser wavelength upon request)

  • Custom MEMS actuator with other speed upon request.
  • Custom-designed scanning module upon request.
  • Works with any Mirrorcle MEMS driver and MEMS controller
  • MEMS






MEMS Mirror: A7M10.2-1000AL

Bandwidth: ~2200HZ in LPF-Based Driving

FoV: Approx. 34° x 34°

Wavelength Options: 638nm, 520nm, 450nm, 405nm

Divergence (half angle, average): <2.5mrad


Lidar and 3D Scan
3D metrology
Bio imaging
3D tracking/Scanning
Laser marking
Free space communication

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