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1310nm 1.25/2.5Gbps DFB Laser TO Package 6.7mm FD


  • The 1310nm DFB laser is designed for high speed, high performance data communication and telecommunication applications. Excellent coupling efficiency to single mode fiber over-temperature.


1310nm 2.5G DFB Laser
1310nm 2.5G DFB Laser
  • TO56 package with aspherical lens
  • 6.7mm focal distance
  • Cost effective GPON ONU
  • Superior high-temp power output
Parameter Symbol Conditions Min. Max. Unit
Operating Temperature Top -10 85 °C
Storage Temperature Tstorage -40 +85 °C
Solder Reflow Temperature STEM 10sec Max 260 °C
Light Output Power Po CW 10 mW
Laser Reverse Voltage Vr 2 V
Forward Current Transient (LD) If 120 mA
Photodiode Reverse Voltage Vr_PD 15 V


Electrical and optical characteristics

Parameter Symbol Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Threshold Current Ith CW, TC=25°C

CW, TC=70°C




Forward Voltage Vr CW, TC=25°C 1.2 1.5 V
Slope Efficiency SE CW, Po=5mW 0.42 0.5 0.65 mW/mA
Peak Wavelength λ CW, Po=5mW 1290 1310 1330 nm
Rise/Fall Time


tr/tf Po=5mW,


150/150 ps
Side Mode Suppression Ratio SMSR CW, P=5mW,


35 dB
PD Capacitance Cpd Vr=5V@1MHz 5 20 pF
PD Dark Current Id Vr=5V 100 nA
PD Monitor Current Im CW, Ith+20mA 0.10 1.20 uA


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