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Ga2O3 substrate advantange for UVB LED

Gallium Oxide (Ga2O3) Epitaxial Wafer for UV-B LED application

Gallium Oxide (Ga2O3) Epitaxial Wafer for UV-B LED application Gallium oxide (Ga2O3) has a large band-gap energy, and it can be grown from a melt source. As a result, large, high-quality single-crystal substrates can be manufactured at low cost. These characteristics […]

Highly repeatable point-to-point steering 2D MEMS mirrors

MTI devices are designed and optimized for point-to-point optical beam scanning. A steady-state analog actuation voltage results in a highly repeatable steady-stage analog angle of tip-tilt of the mirrors. One major advantage of our proprietary gimbal-less design is the capability to […]

MEMS Mirror for 3D Tracking and Position Measurement

Position measurement for gaming controllers and related human-computer interfaces. Outdoor laser tracking at longer distances for industrial applications. High end 3D measurement units for construction and other industrial uses. Our device was used in a demonstration by National Instruments at the […]