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LiDAR/Imaging MEMS Dev Kit 1 (P/N: DK-026)

LiDAR/Imaging MEMS Dev Kit 1 (P/N: DK-026)

Large diameter mirror size 4.6mm to 5.0mm, large angle MEMS mirrors, typically used in coaxial designs with both illumination/transmit and sense/receive paths going through the MEMS mirror.

Kit content:

  • Four units of Gimbal-less Dual-axis MEMS Mirrors
    • 4.6mm, 4.6mm, 5.0mm, 5.0mm (Gold Coated)
  • USB MEMS Controller (MZ controller)
  • Mirrorcle Software Suite (Windows PC-based software, C++, Matlab, labview libararies)
  • Laser and Optical Breadboarding
    • Red Laser Module – with TTL modulation input
    • 90° optical mount for the laser module on a 1/2″-diameter post
    • 4.5″x4.5″ optical plate and two post holders
    • MEMS Mount “Horseshoe” (anodized aluminum) mounted on a kinematic mount (2-axis) and a 1/2″-diameter post. (includes screws and L-Key)
  • Optional Add-ons listed on Development Kit Optional Add-ons page