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MTI Laser Tracking and MEMS Mirror Demonstrator Kit

MTI Laser Tracking and MEMS Mirror Demonstrator Kit DEMO-01

MTI Laser Tracking and MEMS Mirror Demonstrator Kit
MTI Laser Tracking and MEMS Mirror Demonstrator Kit

The Laser Tracking and Mirrorcle MEMS Mirror Demonstrator Kit is a plug-and-play kit with laser beam-steering MEMS mirror device, assembled in a compact opto-mechanical assembly, and control electronics. The kit is designed to demonstrate the capabilities of Microchip’s PIC32MZ and HV264 high voltage analog amplifier to drive Mirrorcle’s MEMS mirror with simple Windows-based applications.

The demonstrator kit uses Microchip’s fast PIC32MZ MCU and Microchip’s HV264 High Voltage amplifier to control a Mirrorcle MEMs mirror.  Its main function is to interface with user software, store prepared waveforms in a buffer, and run/output those waveforms in open loop to drive the MEMS mirror and peripherals. The kit is powered and controlled by USB.

The kit can be used to demonstrate the use of MEMS mirror technology in various applications like

  1. Displaying Vector content (eg: Laser marking, 3D printing, HUDs)
  2. Imaging (eg: LIDAR, robot vision, biomedical imaging)
  3. Tracking (eg: AR/VR headset, gaming, laser tracking)

The windows based program comes with seven applications to showcase different capabilities of the MEMs mirror demonstrator kit.

  1. Text Demo: Demonstrates vector content scanning abilities of the MEMS device.
  2. Arrow Keys Demo: Demonstrates quasi-static beam-steering capability, allowing the user ti manipulate a laser beam using the keyboard.
  3. Raster Demo: Shows the ability of the demonstrator to scan uniformly spaced lines with uniform scanning velocity.
  4. Single Target Tracking Demo: Tracks a single target (marked with reflective tape).
  5. Multi-Target Tracking Demo: Demonstrates racking of multiple retro-reflective targets by performing a raster scan over a small field of view, and showing the location of the targets within the raster scan.
  6. Imaging Demo: Converts the photo sensor into a single pixel camera by scanning a field of view
  7. Laser Security System Demo: Showcases an application of the DEMO-01 unit by acting as a laser based security system.