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T10 LED (9V~16V)

12V T10 LED (9V~16V)
12V T10 LED (9V~16V)

T10 LED Product Briefing

T10 LED is designed for 12V application with preset current at 40mA up to 120mA and current limiting
control.  The operation current can be controlled within +/‐10% in the range of 9V to 16Vapplied to LED.


  •  Build‐in Limited Current Control
  • Integrated Circuit for maximum protection and reliability
  •  Z‐axis design for automatic mass production
  • Build‐in heat sink for LED heat dissipation
  • Optional clear or diffuse type lens for optimal light distribution and output
  • IP 65 Rating

T10 LED Color Options

  • T10 LED is designed for all colors of LED.
  • Standard colors available for white, blue, red, yellow and green.
  • Optional colors upon request.
  • T10 Socket Type
  • Standard 194 wedge
  • Optional
    •  Miniature Bayonet BA9S
    • T10 LED Wedge Lights Up ‐ Miniature Screw E1